McDonald’s has introduced a new system for customers to place order in Pakistan. In every outlet of McDonald’s, there is a machine that will take your order and brought to your table.

you can place your order by new touch-screen, so no more queue to wait for your turn. Table number will be given with a slip after placing your order. Your order will be brought to your table by waiter.

McDonald’s has introduced this technology in all branches like America and UK. America Steve Easterbrook, chief executive of McDonald’s said: “Stereotypically, our crew was behind the counter that was a barrier between our crew and the customer.”

This system as alternate option aimed to bring effective interaction between customer and crew of McDonald’s. Customers can still order food in a conventional way, at the counter.

System is new for customers as well as for workers at McDonald’s. Their job description with the new introduction will be redefined. It will be an immense chance for McDonald’s crew to mark customer experience in Pakistan.