PR:  Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) scientists are firm to make the country self-sufficient in agriculture. There is need to ensure the dissemination of innovative technology and knowledge among a farming community of the country to bring change in farmers life and agriculture development. This was shared in his views by Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken, Federal Secretary for M/o NFSR, Islamabad on his recent visit at National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad. He said that agri. scientists are our asset and provided that innovative technology and knowledge can progress crop production in the country.

During his visit to NARC’s different research areas, Federal Secretary highlighted his aim to improve farming practices and livelihoods in farming communities especially for smallholders across Pakistan. He further added that the goal of PARC’s research is to increase crop productivity and production value of livestock, horticultural, and cereal crops; thus increasing income for Pakistan farmers. Overall, the PARC / NARC aims to have measurable impact on agricultural growth, food security for the poor, component of climate change resilience and adaptation in Pakistan’s agricultural sector. He also said that funded by USAID and led by CIMMYT, AIP has helped boost agricultural productivity by bringing new technologies to the sector while of sustainable practices which has helped improved Pakistan’s overall economy as the Agriculture is the largest sector of Pakistan’s economy, supporting half of the country.

Mr. Fazal Abbas, Federal Secretary for M/o NFSR also visited to Maize fields at NARC where AIP initiatives in improved livestock, maize and wheat were show cased. On his visit to Oil Seed Program, he added that Edible oil is one of the important commodities of every day us, its importance has also increased, however, it is needed that efforts are made to improve its production and quality at local level.

On visit to Animal Sciences Institute (ASI) at NARC, the Federal Secretary shared that improving quality of raw milk and indigenous methods of dairy product manufacturing must be regularized by using innovative technology and also needed to provide quality livestock feed. Moreover, the Federal Secretary also witnessed different research activities carried out under the Institute. On visit to Citrus Orchards he said that citrus is one of the major fruit crops of Pakistan, with approximately 10 per cent of production being sold internationally Citrus varieties should be introduced and it is required for Enhancement of Citrus Value Chains Production in Pakistan through Improved Orchard Management Practices. He appreciated the efforts of NARC scientists.