FINCA, microfinance banks in Pakistan, has nominated Analytics (Private) Limited (APL) as a strategic partner for becoming a data-driven organization.

IBM’s analytic platform of market leading business intelligence and data manipulation tools has enabled this partnership.

FINCA, an early adopter of technology in Pakistan, have enabled them in leveraging data to recognize customer needs, enhance customer experience, and scale growing digital financial services platform “SimSim”, launched recently.

APL and FINCA together build a centralized source of trusted and verified information across lines of business at the bank. APL provided insights for business improvement opportunities by building up-to-date artificial intelligence models to allow FINCA to better predict customer behavior, and proactively take advantage of uncovered market opportunities.

Mr. M Mudassar Aqil, CEO of FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited said: “This initiative geared pervading analytics at business. Data insights drive our decisions, to create new opportunities for customers and their varying needs.”

Mr. Murad Syed, CEO Analytics (Private) Limited said that both large and small organizations can discover valuable opportunities for growth by leveraging the widespread capabilities of data analytics. Data-driven organizations significantly out-perform their peers is a globally established fact.