Dr. Abrar Chaudhury, Pakistani environmentalist and Oxford University lecturer received the ‘Best Doctoral Dissertation Award 2017’ by the Organization and Natural Environment Division (ONE) at the Academy of Management in Atlanta.

He received his award for his work on managing climate change in developing countries like Pakistan, his Ph.D. has already been translated into several high-level journal publications, working papers, and blogs.

Abrar said, “I am happy as a Pakistani to receive this award and the recognition of my work in developing pragmatic solutions for coping with challenge of climate change in resource constriction countries. I chose to research this work in my home country of Pakistan, building on my strong association with Oxford University.”

Abrar grew up and studied in Lahore, trained as a chartered accountant. He went on to lead one of the oldest Pakistani accountancy firms, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan set up by his grandfather.

Abrar’s get his doctorate in Environmental Change and Management, an MBA, and an MSc in Environmental Management from the University of Oxford.

He added that Pakistani floods were complexity of the climate change challenge in Pakistan and developing countries, and significant gap in the means for effective responses.”

“My research showed that effective responses need sustained efforts, from governments the policy frameworks, experts based knowledge on local threats and development partners offering complementary possessions and resources. The post-flooding analysis in Pakistan highlighted that setting policy is not enough if efforts are split and clumsy, responses are unlikely to be effective resulting in disasters.”

Abrar focusing on finding practical and implementable solutions for climate change in Pakistan.