Preston University, Islamabad campus has hosted a high- profile panel discussion to argument about the position of higher education in Pakistan and role played by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in supporting the higher education sector of Pakistan.

Preston University, Islamabad has organized the event to mark the ‘15th Anniversary’ of the HEC.

Honest and truthful views were expressed by well-known educationists engaged in imparting higher education at various public and private institutions of higher learning of capital city on the occasion.

High profile-panel included educationists of renown praiseworthy Prof. Dr. Mohammad Daoud Awan, Dean faculty of Computer Science, Preston University, Islamabad; Prof. Dr. Anis Ul Haq, Head of Department of Psychology, NUML University Islamabad; Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed, Head of Department of Management Sciences, Bahria University Islamabad; Prof. Dr. Hafiz Ishaq, Head of Department of Management Sciences, Federal Urdu University Islamabad; Prof. Dr. Sahar Fazal, Head of Department of Bioinformatics and Biosciences, Capital University of Science and Technology Islamabad and Prof. Dr. Samina Wahab, Head of Department of Management Sciences, COMSATS Wah. Moderator of the event was news anchor Shahid Naseem.

The panelists said while highlighting the achievements of HEC, HEC has made a significant contribution towards the cause of higher education in Pakistan since its establishment in 2002. Thousands of students have been able to pursue their higher education in institutions of higher learning within country and abroad due to constant efforts of HEC.

Prof. Dr. Daoud Awan, Dean Computer Science Preston University said while lauding role of HEC in advancement of higher education in Pakistan, HEC has condensed matchless services in supporting higher education sector of Pakistan. He said, before HEC has set up regulatory body accountable for supervising matters of higher education sector was the University Grants Commission (UGC). There were 59 institutions of higher learning only in Pakistan during its tenancy. He said that there are 188 public and private universities and degree awarding institutes involved in conveying higher education. He said UGC had very limited resources while speaking about the resources available to UGC. As far as HEC is concerned funding situation is far-flung strong, he supported. Since its start, HEC has offered scholarships more than 1 million students.