GE and Shirazi Trading, distributors of hospital equipment including diagnostic imaging systems, has kicked-off a three-day series of Cardiac CT & MR workshops in Pakistan, organized cardiologists and radiologists from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, and Faisalabad. Dr. Saima Mushtaq has facilitated the workshops who is a famous leader in cardiac imaging from Italy.

The workshops will offer physicians practical experience with GE’s remarkable medical technology, qualifying them with new insights in cardiac imaging.  High definition and low dose imaging diagnostics to help cardiovascular patient were covered in the sessions.

Farooq Saleem, CEO, Shirazi Trading, said about the workshop that it is dynamic that the clinical and non-clinical systems governing the patient’s movement through the healthcare pathway are fully connected.  Most advanced healthcare technology is deployed in Pakistan was aimed at collaboration with GE aiding care networks.

Dr. Saima Mushtaq, Centro Cardiologico Monzino, Cardiovascular Imaging, said that there are marvelous clinical advantages of CT & MR technology. The accuracy and image quality will greatly improve the efficiencies in  clinical practice and ultimately healthier diagnoses for patients.”

Dr. Mazhar Qureshi, Country Manager, GE Healthcare in Pakistan, added that GE has been a committed partner in firming the healthcare sector of Pakistan from 6 decades. These workshops aimed to familiarize practitioners with innovative technology as per clinical and patient needs. GE Healthcare’s technology and solutions are designed to help solve the challenges faced by healthcare providers across Pakistan like greater efficiency, speed, flexibility, improved image clarity, better connectivity and reduced radiation dose.