Just imagine what will happen if all the agricultural farm is under the control of a strong brain which can carry out all the functions more accurately and efficiently. Artificial Intelligence is that branch of computer science which makes systems with artificial memory stored in them through computer language.

 Computer systems use this stored information and calculations to predict what will be the situation in future  ,depending on that system takes measures to protect the things under its control. Clearly this is the future of an Advanced agriculture in which everything will be under the control of a computer based system .

Humans have limits, they can only work for some hours continuously but machines can do the same work more efficiently and accurately. On the other hands, every human doesn’t possess strong decision power so he can’t always make correct  decisions about future but computer will be able to do that because in artificial intelligence computer systems can learn the changes in the environment and can deal them better than humans.

  In a livestock farm a system which can control the dieting habits of cows , can monitor their body and can predict the problems of lameness through their face recognition and can score all the animals differently on the basis of some parameters will be much better than the human labour based system . This will surely increase the farm production . In a crop farm an artificial intelligent  system can control and inspect the whole situation from seed sowing to post harvesting processes. Computer first will assess the soil conditions either they are suitable for seed germination or not .

If conditions are suitable system will command for seed sowing . During seed germination system can assess the field condition either through its sensors or by information from drones . If system will feel that some kind of disease or insect attack is coming in field it will take precautionary measures immediately . Of course to assess disease or pathogen attack is always a difficult task for humans because much skills and experience is required for it.

Similarly as crop matures system will predict when the crop will be ready for harvesting. A highly intelligence based computer system will be of much use for the plant breeders because it will aid them in selecting their desirable plants from a large number of populations more accurately and fastely than human beings .So there will be less loss of precious germplasm and it will make the variety development programme faster, cheaper and accurate.

To develop this kind of agriculture based artificial intelligent computer system a team of skillful persons from fields of agriculture and computer science is made which combines agricultural models with computer modelling , computer memory  and other artificial intelligence components . Computer learn any change, analyze it ,reason it , solve the problem about it and then store this information itself in its memory through computer language i.e. Artificial intelligence.

So we can say that artificial intelligence can make the agriculture smarter and advance . There will be less loss of inputs , efficient usage of resources , maintenance of quality ,organized product processing and lastly there will be an increase in farm income if all the farm is under the control of an intelligent computer system.

Lastly these kind of systems are also future needs because there is need to increase food production for increasing world’s population with limited increase in area and resources and we can say these computer based systems have potential to meet this challenging problem in future.