‘World Food and Agricultural Products E-Commerce Conference’ Shandong in China concluded where United States (US), Russia, Australia, Germany, Malaysia and many more gathered for discussion on how to improve cross-border business when related to food and agriculture.

National Development and Reform Committee Editorial Department Director Song Chengmin said that 14 difficulties that cross-border e-commerce possibly will encounter are online language, offline logistics, customs, inspection and quarantine, tax rate, exchange rate, finance, culture, law, economy, and diplomacy etc.

Muhammad Abid Latif, President Pakistan IESOL Global Marketing Standing for eWorldTrade was there at session among other famous personalities. He highlighted agricultural country Pakistan really is big having many producers and suppliers of food and crops and agricultural industry adding over 24 % to GDP.

He explicated impact of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the food and agricultural industry. Import and export would be at lower costs and higher profits. Cooperation between China and Pakistan will be strengthening to make way for future collaborations.

Li Tingting, Head China eWorldTrade Sales said, “Supplier should go deep into the local area, understand the culture, and know needs of local customers to successfully export and import products, and can export as well as import products of China.”