Discussion of agro-industrial investors to increase their role in the economy of the country held at Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University. The aim of discussion was to set direction for new faculty of agricultural and biosystems engineering and technology.

Problem faced by agro-based industries, role of agricultural engineering in agro-industries to reduce the cost of production, value addition of agricultural products, storage, processing, automation and increase net benefit of the industry was assessed as per agenda of meeting.

Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute (AMRI) Multan has organized this meeting. Dr. Asif Ali Vice Chancellor Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture must be minimized and by adopting modern techniques the crop yield can be increased. He said local industry would trickle-down benefits to farming community only if upgrading of existing agro-based industrial system was supported. “Industrial oriented trained engineers can only make it possible,” he commented.

Dr. Alamgir has done a comparison of agricultural engineering programmes in University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and BZU Multan. Suggestions for development of industrially oriented curriculum of agricultural engineering was welcomed by the forum.

Dr. Asif Ali unlocked discussion by saying that share of agriculture in GDP was 21 % and capital input was not available.

“Unemployment can be addressed by mechanized farming, entrepreneurship, and modern industrialization. Slow processes in sector as compared to an industry that is fast and quick are reasons of challenges in agriculture sectors,” he said.

“Food security is a major issue to be addressed in Pakistan with up-to-date farming and current industrial techniques.” He strongly supported the idea to establish Agricultural Engineering programme with the alliance of industrial investors.

The participants of the discussion suggested that agricultural engineering courses should industrial based to solve the existing problems of industry, contain subjects related to engineering ethics, entrepreneurship, and metallurgy. The committee suggested that start BSc agricultural engineering programme based on agro-industrial processing engineering, farm machinery and power remote sensing and GIS engineering and land water resource Engineering at university. University may serve as a hub for agro-based industries.

The industrialists appreciated and accepted the proposal to put up fresh graduates on internship and strengthen academia collaboration with industry.