Zubair Tufail, President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) said that Pakistan offering enormous prospects to foreign investors in agriculture sector consist of crops, seeds, livestock, farming, and processing.

He said that foreign investment could generate striking profit by foreign investors in Pakistan and export their products to Iran, Afghanistan, Middle East, Central Asia, EU, US and many other countries while sharing his point of view to different delegations of businessmen representing various countries at the sidelines of WTO forum in Geneva.

He also invited them in profitable Pakistani market leading improved per acre yield, suppleness of crops to enhance standard of living of farmers. He added that for such ventures in Pakistan there are supportive rules and regulations, government interest in foreign investment, help offered to investors, and excellent climate. Several agriculture farms and factories have been established by Chinese entrepreneurs.

Silk factory is also being set up to make Pakistan independent in the silk production along with generating 1000s of jobs, he added.

Zubair Tufail told them that offering impetus to inspire private investment in this sector and to cut price of production for the farmers.

Agricultural of Pakistan has enormous potential and along with foreign investors it will increase overall economic growth, augment food security and welfare of poor.

Pervaiz Malik Federal Commerce Minister, Saifullah Khan Chairman WTO Committee, and other officials attended the meeting. President of the Apex Chamber also met IMF MD Christine Lagarde at the meeting.