A smartphone app was designed and launched by a Pakistani small team of Tech Entrepreneurs to solve a very common daily life problem in today’s world of capturing every single moment of life in photo. While taking a group photo at picnic or party the photographer gets left out certainly. This app will enable photographer to put him in picture.

“So far market has no solution for this problem but interestingly we have solved a really common problem”, says Ali Rehan, the CEO of Eyedeus Labs.

This is how techie magic happens works I take a picture of my friends and leave a gap for myself. Then I will hand over phone to my other friend and I go in the photograph. Now he takes a picture of me with my friends and I will be in a group photo with all my friends. One should not have to be expert in photography this app just merges 2 photographs flawlessly.

“Internet is a paradigm shift for all the companies working in Pakistan. We have worked on a project online, launched it online, marketed it online and got featured by big blogs and contacted by smartphone companies”, says Ali Rehan.

Team flew to Silicon Valley for a mentoring program to develop their product being picked out by Google. Now Eyedeus labs were contacted by leading mobile companies like Samsung, Huawei, and LG. They are not the sole techies in Pakistan’s tech talent.

“There are companies in Pakistan doing mobile apps for 500 companies in US that were very reluctant to come to Pakistan”, said Badar Khushnood from Google Pakistan.

PLAN 9, a business incubator funded by the Government with the goal of building young tech talent into budding businesses also provide help to young talent of Pakistan.

“In the technology world, the world is becoming flat. The geography, the political situation, the security situation is becoming totally irrelevant in a country like Pakistan”, says Dr. Umair Saif from PLAN 9.

PLAN 9’s 13 teams were developing apps and products like DrivePal which alert relatives and emergency services about a car crash, itrak; an optic mouse for paraplegics, and location-based app LocPro which adjusts phone’s privacy settings depending on where you are, it can remind you to purchase milk when you walk past the supermarket. Next big app you download on your smartphone may have been made in Pakistan.