THE INCLUSIVE picture of Pakistan’s higher education does not match with the global quality standards. The recent Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking shows that Pakistan’s higher education is declining in recent years. On the other hand, growth of enrollment in higher education is increasing with every coming year. Regrettably, standards of our higher institution are not able to provide students with the high knowledge, skills and essential proficiency which is crucial need to succeed after graduation.  Quality in education is an insurance that allows people to have confidence in the quality of higher education. Every higher education institution should have a rigorous system of internal quality assurance, assessed by Quality Assurance Agencies which make external checks. Having felt the current problem and for acquiring these standards, apparently Higher Education Commission (HEC) took an initiative to streamline the business of higher education so that the graduates of our universities and degrees awarding institutions are at balance with the graduates of the universities of advance countries. Recently Commission has stopped 4 universities from giving admissions to students in any degree program. Exactly a year ago HEC axed 31 PhD and 26 MPhil programs from various universities from both public and private sector. In that drive, total 293 programs of PhD and 57 MPhil programs of 171 universities are reviewed by the team of HEC in the first phase of the campaign. And it was decided that Commission will launch regulatory body to set new targets in regards of future academic’s necessities and bring into line educational goals with the government in future polices. In wake of the current World Higher University Ranking, it seems that there must be some flaws in achieving of targets at HEC. For the effective regulation of all degree awarding institution, HEC must made them accountable even though they were autonomous institutions. Since HEC is funding quality management system at the public-sector universities, then they should have regular programs of quality control at the universities, which should be demonstrated at international level. HEC losses its ground when it comes to teaching and learning situation, because, its major emphasis is on the infrastructure. Whereas, the prime focus of the HEC should be teaching and learning situation of these institutions as this is the only aspect that matters at the end of the story. To strengthen the move HEC should open discussion about what should be done to maintain the standards of higher education as well as to measure quality of the institutions. In direct argument, the government and HEC should stringently analyze the policy and execution mechanism. The World rankings should be taken critically and the government as well as HEC should come up with creative measures to evaluate universities primarily the teaching and learning environment so the Pakistani universities ranking can be increased, and substandard institutions have ground rule to excel in the direction of the development of higher educational system in the country.