Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline crucial for energy requirements and triumph of CPEC, the Iranian ambassador to Pakistan H.E. Mehdi Honardoost exposed that Iran had over 400 years of gas resources and Pakistan remains primary market at the session organized by Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad. Ambassador (r) Khalid Mehmood, Chairman, Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad (ISSI) chaired the session while research team and senior associates of institute attended the occasion.

Iranian ambassador said while talking about CPEC that the Chinese initiative should be considered as a destiny changer while Pak-Iran gas pipeline can fulfill the venture’s power associated requirements. He said that Iran is looking forward to Pakistan for completing pipeline as soon as possible to help national interests.

Ambassador said that Iran and Pakistan were historically and culturally connected with camaraderie in concerns as well as interests. He stressed on working together in areas like trade, energy, regional peace etc. for mutually beneficial rewards. Ambassador (r) Khalid Mehmood said that Pakistan and Iran have been together in tough times. Despite some difficulties in their association relationship between two countries has remained undamaged. “Pakistan’s relationship with Iran is also time-tested like China”, he remarked. He said that both the countries should be working on improving cooperation in different areas having intertwined destinies. Gwadar-Nawabshah pipeline development could ease progress and pave way for future too. Executive President IPS Khalid Rahman also expressed his thoughts at the session.