Nadeem Hussain, founder, and coach of the Planet-N group of companies has revealed that Pakistan has the largest quantum of money in circulation 4 trillion dollars at a conference, titled ‘Futurism Commerce in Pakistan’, organized by New World Concepts at a hotel.

He further stated that Pakistan has around 42 million smartphone users. Hussain talked about his understanding of latest technology used to increase new customers. He displayed innovative strategies of information technology for charming new customers.

Hussain emphasized that digital technology has revolutionized every feature of life. This conference gave professionals a unique prospect in Pakistan for corporate and business sectors to transform their culture and stay in harmony with all innovations by digitalization technology, said Yasmin Hyder, CEO of New World Concepts.

The conference focused on adopting the latest technology to strengthen product, marketing, and employees and customer engagement both at large and small.

Dr. Attaur Rehman, UNESCO science laureate and head of the Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi, highlighted incorporation of advances in curriculum and education system and jobs to pull alongside advanced countries of the world.

Dr. Ani Atanasova, CEO, Pixelhunter, UAE, elucidated virtual reality and gaming solutions that were promoting companies in the UAE as well as across the globe.

Dr. Adnan Ali Haider, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Maryland, USA; Dr. Mahnaz Shah director, Eye Centre; and Fahad Mirza, plastic surgeon, conversed on prospects of applying for up-to-date advances in digital technology in healthcare.

Qashif Effendi, CEO, Reem Rice, emphasized the difference between conventional and digital marketing tools. The panel had a discussion on financial services featured Murad Syed, CEO, Analytics (Pvt) Ltd., and Jawad Khan, partner, McKinsey, and Company, with Ali Abbas Sikander, as moderator, conversed digital workspaces, organization, and governance in the financial sector.

The panel discussion on branding comprised Jawed Ahmed, CEO, Pharmevo;  Aaqib Syed, Group Head, Marketing and Communications, TPL Holdings; and Amina Ahmed, director, Digital Starcom. They highlighted the progress brought about by digitalization in almost every sphere of life.