PR: recently crossed the 4.5 million milestone for monthly visitors. This traffic generated over 30 million monthly page views across nearly 7 million property listings nationwide. A leading majority of viewers visited on their smartphones followed by desktops and tablets respectively. A sizable part of the traffic came from overseas Pakistanis. is respected as a leader, innovator and trendsetter for the Pakistani real estate industry.

Speaking at the occasion, CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan said, “Crossing the 4.5 million monthly visitor milestone is a mix of sheer joy and gratitude for us all at We thank all our visitors, our agency partners, developer groups and home partners for joining us in this exciting and rewarding journey. They are all key in making the industry standard it is today.”

“ will continue to introduce innovative products and services that directly serve the needs of our customers, partners and developer groups. Our efforts are focused on shaping a technology driven, robust and dynamic eco-system for the Pakistani real estate industry.” he added. is today the go-to place for all real estate related decisions. Whether it is a family looking to build their dream home or a business exploring commercial space. is continually consolidating the real estate industry for a bigger, better and more rewarding experience for all stakeholders.