Pakistan is the country where technological advancements is on its peak and everyday new task are introduced. Internet, games, apps trends have taken over our lives, we are becoming victim of these trends, and crazy about them without even knowing about consequences.

Some of the most famous games of these days are; Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, and Ludo Star. There are also some classic games like Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, Dooms, Space Invaders. Research shows that gaming improves mental abilities, it provides cognitive benefits; besides it is addictive and encourage social isolation and violence.

In some of the games, the player encounter by frightening series of challenges which seems to have no end. These challenges create curiosity and seamlessly increase the risk of involvement.

Now a day, the internet based game “Blue Whale Challenge” is in the mainstream among youngsters. The word blue whale derived from a phenomenon “beached whale” which linked to suicide. This game was started from Russia since 2013. Former psychology student named “Philippe Budekien” claimed that he invented this game for the purpose of cleansing society from biological waste.

This lethal game involves brainwashing of helpless teenagers over a period of 50 days, urging them to complete tasks from watching horror movies to waking up at strange hours, and self-harming by unknown stranger. The unknown watchdog group demand the photographs as proof from them once who have accepted challenge for each task assign to them over 50 days and on the 50th day the masterminds ask the child to take their own life.

As origin of this game is Russia about four years ago and it spared worldwide very quickly and target lonely and frustrated people who follow the commands with less or no hesitation. Although this game is not available publicly but has claimed 150 suicidal deaths in whole world.

First death from Russia to schools of United Kingdom and United States, this craze has entered in Pakistan after claiming deaths in India and China. One cannot download Blue Whale Game because it is not publicly available, it is not available in Playstore, 9Apps, or iOS App Store. It is played only on invitation form some social media site or group.

Arrangement of this game started from simple tasks like listening to some music, waking up at the odd hour, walking on the roof top, and so on. Day after day task becoming more demanding than usual to harm themselves, and feel physical, mental and emotional torture or pain. And the last task is to take own life.

Depression is a major risk factor for suicide. The deep despair and hopelessness that goes along with depression can make suicide feel like the only way to escape the pain. Depressed and lonely people fell prey to these kinds of trends.

For parents it’s important for being aware about deadly phenomenon to check up on their children activities over internet. Government of Pakistan and related other authorities should ban these kinds of games and raise awareness against this game and consequences of playing it. Because awareness not only save our society from this virus but also from upcoming dangers as not many of the people in Pakistan are aware about.