In last ten years, Pakistan has seen a notable change in the ecosystem of wetlands affecting habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, and migratory birds.

Ministry of Climate Change has classified Pakistan’s wetlands-dependent biodiversity as endemically threatened and vulnerable according to their working papers.

A very crucial role has been played by Pakistan’s wetlands in preserving and supporting regional ecological processes to support globally important biodiversity such as bird migration routes and wintering grounds.

It highlighted the need for conservation and management of high altitude wetlands; look for possibilities for designing and creating artificial wetlands at suitable spots of ecological concern, and encourage identification of the risks and impact of climate change on Pakistan’s wetlands.

The working paper further highlighted that there is a need to identify and enhance wetlands’ role in natural disaster protection and climate change extenuation, slowing down the conversion of wetlands and their surroundings for agriculture and grazing purposes; and supplying adequate water allowing ecologically necessary water flows to rivers, streams, lake marshes, mudflats and intertidal areas.