Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology briefed about the standards developed for the packaged milk, tea whitener and powdered milk in meeting.

The meeting strictly directed the Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) to prepare parameters and quality control standards for package milk, tea whiteners, and powder milk and report the committee.

DG PSQCA said that out of 22 milk providers in the market only 6 got licenses while briefing the committee. Similarly, bottled drinking water companies only 392 got licenses out of 638. Around 314 Banaspati gee companies and 275 cooking oil companies got a license.

The committee for non-provision of safe drinking water to the residents of Islamabad expressed reservations over the PCRWR and the CDA.  Chairman PCRWR had briefed the meeting about the water quality of Islamabad.

The research Institute believes that there is no arsenic in the ground water of twin cities. CDA filtration plants due to poor maintenance have been adding germs to drinking water, an official said. He added that water of tube-wells is safe for drinking with no micro biology or harmful chemicals, like arsenic, as the tube-wells pull water from depth.

Supply lines pollute the water due to mixing of sewerage water in drinking water at certain points. Quality test results from 28 water filtration plants of ICT by CDA presented from Officials.

The PSQCA is a National Standard Body of the country will advise the Government on standardization policies, programs, and activities to promote industrial efficiency and development and to protect consumers’ interest.

Checking safety measures to ensure quality standards in food items in locally assembled automobiles, all fall in preview of the authority.

The meeting also discussed whether it is incompetence or the staff is not performing in connivance with the industry is the reasons behind the failure of PSQCA.

Pakistan is country where obsolete or antique cars are assembled and sold as the worth of latest technology. Death rate in accidents is very high due to absence of safety gadgets in the automobiles according to the official data.

The luxury cars marked with enormous price more than two million rupees lack basic safety features like airbags.