The Climate Change Ministry has explored the possibility of entering a water treaty with Afghanistan to safeguard Pakistan’s rights on trans-boundary water inflows and promote integrated watershed management including ecological conservation practices in uphill watersheds according to international standards and conventions.

According to an official document, the ministry would also focus on the efforts to protect the glaciers through agreements among countries sharing the Himalayan region and by declaring them as ‘protected areas’.

The ministry would give guidelines to the provinces to protect groundwater by management and artificial recharge particularly for threatened aquifers, technical measures, for instance, regulatory frameworks, water licensing, slow action dams, and adoption of integrated water resource management concepts.

It would help to ensure water distribution between provinces insofar as following crop sowing timings. The documents showed that the efforts in progress to enhance recycling of wastewater by proper treatment and its reuse and protection and preservation of water and reservoirs counter to degradation, silting and irrigation system contamination.