With an aim to ensure that trekkers and visitors never throw waste material like wrappers, tin packs, and plastic bottles in the bushes to damage the natural charisma of Islamabad, check point at the Trail V has been set up in Islamabad.

The visitors before going for a walk or trekking have to show the food material and other things and have to produce all the waste material at the check point when they return.

Margallah Hills National Park’s biodiversity is vulnerable due to human interferences and environmentally unfriendly practices that have made natural environment protection more critical than ever.

Abdul Haseeb Khattak of World Wildlife Fund (WWF-Pakistan) said that check point at the Trail V is established after approval from the concerned authorities that will note down the number of products visitors carries and they have to show the waste material of all products like shopping bags, wrappers, and plastic bottles when they return if not they will be charged Rs500 as fine.