I lost the hope from fighting with Environmental Idiots and lost my tempo to stand against environmental corrupts. Those idiots and the corrupts have joint venturous programs. The joint ventures of poisonous projects. They sucked my blood by squeezing my arteries and veins and left me nothing but inactive and immoveable.

Those idiots/corrupts are the contributors in an environmental pollution. They invested on various poisonous projects. The projects that have poisonous impacts. The impacts that have poisonous consequences. Consequences are in the form of poisonous outputs. The outputs are divided into various poisonous things. These poisonous things are either natural or manmade which in turn are concerned with Environment. Environment is the constitute of nature and humans are the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries of natural products. In this way joint ventures of worldly projects have become joint destruction to environment.

Environmental idiots and corrupts who are more in number confronts me and no one is with me in this great fight. Idiots who are more in number are dominant entities and me as recessive characters. I sought people help and their support to protect environment but people are either idiotic supporters or they keep sleeping for some undefined important work. People made me too much disappointed and the level of my depression tended to increase.

Suddenly I got an excellent idea. I thought to have a desperate place to start my “Do or die” project of green army! The only place where I can make my project is “Gorakh Hill” which is situated at an elevation of 5,688 ft in the Khirthar Mountains. I climbed over to the mountain and started constructing a room of stones. I took biological equipments and instruments and raw culture of DNA. I extracted my DNA and started to multiply in culture like cell multiplies in our body. I succeeded to make hundreds of thousands of identical twins of mine and got as highest no of my twin as I could be able to reach every part of the world. I made the army of my own identical twins that I named as “Green Army”. Brains of all army are connected to me and are under my control. I sent green army to every part of the earth like sun rays when scattered and reached into the surface of whole earth.

I called short meetings with all the commanders of specific groups and then assigned them specific tasks which are being finalized in the grand meeting. In our conclusive meeting, we selected all those who are directly or indirectly damaging the environment. The topmost group is the capitalists that polluted the environment from all directions by means of their industries and companies. Green army equipped with hidden but massive weapons made up of nano based reached to every capitalist in the world and killed them in a way they can’t imagine! They attacked them and their polluted industries! They were not able to handle the situations as the attack was very severe.  They killed all capitalists and destroyed their industries and then buried all of   them into the “sustainable graveyard” which consist the environment suitable for quick conversion of environment friendly fossil.

The next group was the Government and State heads i.e. Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers, Kings and dictators who are the main supporters of Capitalists in their environmental Corruption. They all were to be treated like they are waste materials and put into the incinerators with very high temperature which converted them into smoke!

Other group was fundamental religious people who spoil peace of the world. Spoiling the world peace is actually spoiling the environment because during the war, destructive weapons are being used which generate massive pollution that entered into the environment thus peace is directly proportional and war is indirectly proportional to sustainable environment. Religion extremism is specially focused here as these people are so called religious people and noting to do with religion that’s why they are very dangerous to deal with. The strategy green army opted to destroy such people is the same which those fundamentalists people uses for destroying world peace i.e. Suicide attack. Highly trained suicide attackers of green army attacked them and rooted out them completely by inserting themselves into their mind resulting these fundamentalists started to swing into the air like helium filled balloon started their journey to the sky!

Green Army killed all environmental idiots and corrupts! They just did the same and made the mother earth as clean as she was before human existence!! When the Earth is completely cleaned and all pollutants washed out and all the environmental idiots are either killed or sentenced in to the restricted and narrow box placed at Gorakh Hill, then the purpose of my life is finished! I prayed for the mother earth and her stability along with my green army! And mother earth pours the tears in the form of rains and own us like mother embrace her baby in her arms with immeasurable love! My smile is captured by the eyes of mother and we closed our eyes and slept deeply forever.

The writer is an M.Phil Scholar in Environmental Science at University of Sindh, Environmental Researcher, and Environmental Consultant, Creative writer of two upcoming Novels, Researcher, Teacher, Motivator, Mentor and Social Worker.