Zong 4G escorting Pakistan into a new digital age that is a transformative cultural philosophy to line up with values of its organization. The company aims to lead a technological revolution in Pakistan and to do so should clarify the unbridled innovative potential of organization.

The central value of this transformative cultural standard is “Responsibility Makes Perfection” derived from China Mobile Communications Corporation. Zong 4G avowed its supreme pledge to customers, employees, partners, competitors, and the public in a proactive manner. The culture and behavior imitate values of organization that also make employee realize their potential. This will also empower employees and encourages their ideas into concrete results.

The statement also said that vision of the organization and the Pakistani telecommunications market is to “Lead the Digital Innovation.” This vision states strategic direction of company to see itself. Telecom industry is not ‘voice-oriented’ but is going to transform to new digitized age.

Zong is poisoner and leader of 4G in industry, its ambition clearly states that their mission is centered to enabling a fully connected environment using its edge in 4G technology. The organization envisages to use edge in connecting “all things” in the horizon concerning connectivity.

“To create and lead “4G communication” for every Pakistani to be able to connect anytime, anywhere”, read the statement of company’s mission. This statement reflects the creation of ecosystem to allow a robust digital environment for all Pakistanis.

Zong 4G has emerged as a leader in data based technology in the last few years. Zong 4G defines its behavioral traits for employees is to support organization in its ambition and promote a culture of collaboration, openness, and shared ideals. The 5 traits are Teamwork, Driving Performance, Customer Centricity, Integrity & Accountability; and Innovation.

Zong promotes “One Company, One Team, One Dream” concept that means the spirit of collaboration and effective communication between employees. The open culture at Zong 4G is promoted by frequent activities and endorse management resolve to the cause.

Performance-oriented culture authenticates top performing employees are given inducements and motivation to perform at higher levels, u resulting in company’s success. Extremely talented individuals joining the company from multiple industries have made Zong 4G as an ‘Employer of Choice’.

Pakistan 75% market share and 4G coverage in over 300 cities nationwide is leading Zong 4G. Recently company announced to upgrade 100% network to 4G by end of 2017. The company has announced to invest more than $200 Million in Pakistan in 2017. Zong 4G’s objective, “A New Dream” is to leverage the technological edge in 4G LTE to digitally transform the lifestyle of Pakistan and this all-inclusive set of desired organizational competencies and values is in line with Zong 4G’s ambition to lead Pakistan into a new digitized age.