PGNiG, Polish oil and gas company, in the recent year will drill 14 exploration wells in hydrocarbon potential areas. “The company has planned to take its exploration and production business volume to Rs 100 billion per year,” officials in the company told media.

They said the company will play vital role growing energy needs of Pakistan is operating since 1997 in Pakistan.

The company has operated and carried out exploration in four Concessions viz. Khanpur West, Sabzal, Mekhtar and Sabzal South before buying the Kirthar Concession (Block 2667- 7) in Dadu district of Sindh, they said, The Kirthar area and Lasbella in Balochistan zone-III.

They said in 2009 Rehman Gas Field discovered in the Kirthar Block and production started in 2013. “This was the first “Tight Gas” reservoir in Pakistan,” they claimed.

The Rizq Gas field was the second Tight Gas Field in Kirthar Block and commissioned the Rehman Production Facility with a capacity up to 40 million standard cubic feet of gas per day (mmscfd) gas, said the officials in 2015.

“PGNiG in November 2016 doubled its production from the Kirthar block as from Rizq Gas Field also added to the national grid to reduce the growing demand-supply for natural gas,” they remarked.

At the previously mature Rehman Gas field, an appraisal well on the new Rizq gas Field and an exploratory well to test a potential prospect on the northern side of the block have also been established.

They said the company has invested 125 million dollars or more in Pakistan so far, adding that daily production from the Rehman field stood at 24 mmscfd from producing of 4 wells, increased up to 90 mmscfd gas with full field development.

The officials said the advanced technologies like horizontal wells, multiple transverse hydraulic fracturing, etc. with an investment of $ 300 million or more needed for increased productions.

“PGNiG is in active pursuit to increase its footprint in the Pakistani’s upstream oil and gas sector and is also interested to develop the shale gas deposits,” he remarked.