The telecom of Pakistan has achieved a milestone within a fleeting period of time with dedicated efforts of mobile companies and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). PTA and services have made Pakistan stand proudly among its regional competitors. PTA Adds Rs 1.707 Trillion in National Treasure in four Years.

the revenues added annually in Pakistan’s exchequer as per the annual reports of PTA are following; Rs. 96.484 billion in 2013-14, Rs. 7.017 billion in2014-15, Rs. 34.112 billion in 2015- 16 while, Rs. 33.127 billion in 2016-17.

This is achieved by guaranteeing quality services to the customers that were raised to 139 million till June 2017 from5 million in 2004 and now it has 42 million 3G/4G users with cellular tele density of 70%.

The eminent broadband technologies were mobile broadband 86.5%, DSL 6.7%, EvDO 5.5% and WiMaz 1% and have added more than Rs 370 billion in national exchequer. Whereas the investment of telecom companies was $ 2.7 billion in last 2 economic years.

Moreover, the NGMS auctions added US $965 million FDI along with $ 147.5 million plus a markup that has to be paid in installments in coming 5 years.