The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) stressed that frequent water shortage and related susceptibility of the people should be adequately addressed.

We are dependent on agriculture for survival and the Indus River merits the imperative attention from authorities, it said. Unnecessary misuse of water resources in the name of economy should immediately be stopped and encourage people for water conservation, said Atif Ikram Sheikh, chairman of FPCCI Regional Committee on Industries.

He added that Pakistan focuses on internal water security issues and create enough storage for them because India is not willing for any amendment in Indus Water Treaty that totally favors her.

Atif Ikram Sheikh also stated that agriculture and industry are ruthlessly using underground water via tube wells resulting in low underground water affecting agricultural yield.

He indicated that water-logging and salinity another issue due to seepage in the irrigation system turning fertile land barren. He emphasized that water authorities should prioritize lining of water canals than the construction of large dams in terms of water conservation with economic and environmental cost.

In Pakistan, average cereal production is0.13 kg/m3 while 8.1kg in Canada. Our neighbors for unforeseen consequences are violating the water treaty, he warned.