Engineering works department named as PEDO (Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization) that is not registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) because the organization does not have engineer CEO according to the rules of PEC. The change in rules of PEDO is under consideration of KP provincial government so that they can put up their blue-eyed candidate. PEC has the mandate for regulation of engineering profession in Pakistan so this is the responsibility of PEC to enforce their rules.

It will be the PEC’s failure if the KP Provincial Government changes PEDO rules for engineer as CEO which has become completely failed to enforce its rules on Government companies. PEC just has to change its attitude in this regard and ensures that all PEC rules should be followed for company registrations either owned private and government. Rules are equally applied for all. This will improve functioning of the Government owned companies contrasting to the current situation of PEDO that is known for it’s for unprofessional work among the media.