Ecommerce is on the rising verge these days and websites are constantly trying to make the experience greater than before. Amidst all the services provided by websites which aid in purchasing the right product according to your needs, Pakistani Stores is one website which provides a search engine which will search across all major online shopping ecommerce stores of Pakistan available online and give you the best price out of all the stock available.

What is

Pakistani Stores is the biggest online shopping search engine for Pakistan out there on the web. It offers free service which allows a user to locate and buy products at the best rates while using a mobile, laptop, PC or a tablet. The site provides the most updated prices of any product available in Pakistan and from where the product can be purchased.

Not only this, the website provides us with the local trends of items that are being purchased online via different ecommerce stores. Upon clicking the words next to “What’s hot right now”, you get to see the products that different ecommerce websites have regarding that word. The prices will be mentioned against each store so you can compare which store is giving the best price. Then by clicking the best store, you get redirected to the store’s page from where you can actually buy the product.

Talking about the website’s products section; after searching for a product through the search engine, you are directed to a page (shown above) which shows all the products from different ecommerce stores from the internet. The price of the product given on each store is mentioned along with its picture and the store’s link. One can simply click on the best price and purchase the product from its relevant store.

The website also provides filters which allow you to limit the price range in which you are buying. You can also sort your findings according to different types.

This is one of the few projects in Pakistan which uses artificial intelligence. It uses machine learning to handle problems like spelling mistakes, and classification. We are talking about a system which has the power to know that you have made a spelling mistake and correct it by itself. The website knows what you want and delivers that to you. Mentioning a few examples of spelling mistakes below, you can see that the website figures out what you want by itself by clicking on the links.

Focusing on the ecommerce of Pakistan, is to bring a new trend on the web and everyone will be using their service to search for the best products along with the best price and buy the product through their website.

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