The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board and COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) signed an agreement today for establishment and operation of Telemedicine center in District Mansehra, KPK. The ceremony was chaired by the Senior Minister for Health and IT, Mr. Shahram Khan Tarakai.

Speaking on the occasion; Mr. Tarakai said that the KP government had initiated a process of broad based reforms for improving governance and facilitating use of modern technology to extend healthcare delivery infrastructure to reach people living in every corner of the province. Extending coverage of uniform healthcare facilities to far flung areas was considered an insurmountable problem to date; but with the advancement of technology; specifically Telemedicine; it has now become possible to deliver the same quality and care of health services as is available to residents living in major cities. The introduction of Telemedicine services for remote areas will go a long way in providing timely healthcare services, especially to women and children close to their doorstep. The Government recognizes the importance of healthcare services for all citizens of the province and reforms in this sector is a key agenda of your government on which major investment is being made.

Mr. Shahram Khan Tarakai congratulated the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board for its initiative on launching the Telemedicine facility in Mansehra District in collaboration with COMSATS Internet Services and said that it was heartening to observe that the Board had taken a lead role in the implementing of “Digital KP” strategy to anchor the province’s digital transformation. KP IT Board is leading the induction of innovative technology solutions in governance and citizens service delivery challenges in a very effective manner and the Telemedicine initiative is an example of KP IT Board strategy for successful use of modern technology to address a fundamental problem of health care delivery in far flung areas.

Dr. Shahbaz Khan, the Managing Director of KPITB thanked the Senior Minister Health and IT and stated that the Board will continue to act as a catalyst in the digital transformation of KPK to make the province standout as a role model in e Governance as well as in efficient delivery of citizen services. With support from experienced partners like COMSATS Internet Services; KPITB will set an example of successful use of innovative technology in every form of citizen services delivery. COMSATS Internet Services is an industry pioneer and the first organization to introduce Telemedicine services in the country. KPITB will benefit tremendously from CIS experience of successfully designing and operating Telemedicine service delivery network in rural and remote areas.

Mr. Jamshed Masood, the Chief Executive Officer of COMSATS Internet Services took the opportunity to thank the Senior Minister Health KPK, Managing Director of KPITB and the team in the KP IT Board for their diligent contribution and hard work to conceive and craft the Telemedicine project in a very short time. He stated that it was an honor and privilege for COMSATS Internet Services to have been selected by KPITB as its partner to develop and manage the Telemedicine facility in Mansehra. He expressed his full commitment to sharing his organizations experience in building the Telemedicine eco system for the people of KPK.

Mr. Jamshed Masood emphasized the importance of Telemedicine for communities living in rural and far flung areas. Without this technology; the rural communities would have no access to “life-saving health services”; he said. As the technology evolves; healthcare providers are using telemedicine platforms to manage rural patients with maternity issues as well as for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. Telemedicine services are able to address long-standing complaints of rural communities over lack of access and follow-up care.

He complimented the KP IT Board for its visionary leadership which is quick to adopt modern technologies to address the age old challenges of citizen services delivery. He stated that incorporating telemedicine into the overall healthcare delivery strategy of KPK government will radically modernize how healthcare is delivered to patients when and where they need it the most and will be one of the most effective applications of Broadband Internet in the country.