PRIOR TO this month, as per an article written by Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy on ‘Professor Mafia’ crafted a never-ending debate and after that there is solution to overcome Pakistan’s Professor Mafia and highlights the functionalities of Pakistani Universities. It seems good when you came to know that the people are coming on frontline to protect the fragile system of Higher Education prevailing in Pakistan. Before taking any stance on higher education we need to shed light on worst condition of government schools and colleges from where majority of the students come. It is intended to fail to see improvement in higher education without any improvement in school and college level. In return Pakistan appears as paradox education. Enrollment of PhD student, number of research publication is mounting every coming year. Here its point to ponder that in spite of this assuring condition of higher education and research work where the problem lies? It is challenge for private university student to have good interaction with visiting faculty members, as they are so busy with other universities in which they are also providing service as visiting faculty member, and then miracles happen when five degrees on various topics were awarded under a single supervisor who received his doctorate five years prior. For the sake of earning degree, students of MPhil and PhD required an external examiners other than having their respective supervisors. It’s for sure not a single professor suggests a name of external supervisor who assist their students without giving them a tough time or their students gets their degree without having any honest defense. Student’s research is being used to get published by their names. Unfortunately, it is a fact that our higher education system has failed to produce energetic and vital research work. HEC has associated promotion of university teachers with PhD degree and number of research publications in the recognized journals.  HEC enforced research culture without keeping in mind the ground realities of education system where below the university level education is based on cramming, deprived of any critical thinking, creativity and research. So, it is impossible to promote research culture in university level with poor academic background of students and teachers. Therefore, they track on easy way and adopt dodging measures to accomplish their academic and professional ends. Ultimately, Pakistan fails to attains prominent position in the field of education and research at global level because we fail to achieve key goal of education which should be quest of knowledge and novelty.