With all its perks, the hospitality industry has found its ways to sustain and strengthen consumer experiences when it comes to convenience, affordable rates and a variety of choices of hotels. Technology plays an important role through which the hospitality sector is contributing towards economy. Both customers and businesses are propelling from advances in communication, reservations and guest service systems that streamlines guest experience, from reservation to checkout. Together with E-commerce platform, with all its benefits, it has improved domestic tourism.

There is no denying to the use of technology in hospitality sector that has become vital because of all benefits it provides to users. With just a few clicks, a world of choices awaits travelers to facilitate them in browsing different activities around. From the broader perspective of various hospitality businesses, the technological advancement attracts more customers towards various services. Breakthroughs in digitalization have given travelers freedom and choice in a different impactful way. According to Jovago Pakistan’s Hospitality Report, Pakistan’s annual travel tourism and business travel spending exceeds over $12 billion. Leisure travel spending is expected to grow from $10.3 billion in 2016 to $17.6 billion in 2026 while business travel spending is expected to jump from $1.9 billion in 2016 to $3.3 billion in 2026. In this light, it can’t be overlooked that travel is basically about connecting – places, individuals, experiences and memories similarly as innovation does well, is connecting things.

Advancements in technology have directed towards new changes in ways customers think and expect for easy solutions. It as a result enhances their overall travel experience. The total number of visitors on hotel booking portal Jovago.pk has crossed 3 million since the website’s inception. Country’s first online hotel booking platform Jovago.pk sees potential to even aggressively increase the count. These are the reasons how Jovago Pakistan believes there is a shift in hospitality sector due to technology.

Online Website

With the online platform providing opportunities to launch businesses through a different medium other than the conventional brick and mortar store, several startups have successfully emerged on the e-commerce market in Pakistan. Jovago.pk amongst many, has the pride of successfully launching easy to navigate website that because of its friendly user interface, is visitors’ choice. It offers customized search engine options on its website which can further enhance the quality of experience of customers. There is 24/7 customer support for travelers. Moreover, Jovago’s blog also proves to be of great help in educating the customers on various topics.

Extranet App

The modern-day strategy rule revolves around ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page. This is because it helps in increasing customer satisfaction and adds value to the whole process. Jovago.pk for the first time, created Jovago Extranet to ensure that all of its hotel partners have their own interface. This is basically a mobile application through which hotels can confirm new reservations and also see and search through them, update rates for any time period with updating room availability also.

Smartphone Application

Technology has eased lives of people all over the world who are especially associated with hospitality sector. Not only can people order food from their favorite restaurants but they are empowered to reserve hotel rooms by just tapping on their smartphones. Apart from the websites, businesses have launched mobile apps to further facilitate customers. Jovago Pakistan has launched Pakistan’s first hotel booking app, for both iOS and Android users, which customers can use to book a hotel room from an inventory of over 2000 hotels across 165 cities in the country. Jovago app differently provides 24/7 customer support.

Online Payment Methods:

Besides other benefits technology brings for customers, online payments have an added advantage in the bucket. There are almost no hassles when it comes to making payments locally or internationally via internet. Travelers around the country through Jovago, can enjoy easy payment methods whether it is debit/credit cards. Additionally, to take customer convenience to another level, Jovago facilities customers with pay at hotel, partial payments and payments via Easypaisa.

Technology growth is enabling tourism to boom in the country. The impact of technology on travel can’t be ignored. Therefore, Jovago is constantly working on exploring and improving facilities for local travelers and combines it with latest technological tools to add convenience.