In the world, for having a better layered communication, people used different tools and styles to network with people, organizations and the world. So, for the promotion, the day of May 17 is likely devoted to the exploration of importance of telecommunication to the world by organizing fairs & seminars by related entities at telecom companies, universities, auditoriums, public libraries and also expected to shine by the lighting of print & electronic media through telecasting programs and publishing articles for the positive betterment of society.

In this way, celebrating communication day globally commemorates the founding of the International Telecommunication Union in 1865. The first World Telecommunication Day was celebrated in 1969. Since then the 17th of May has been observed as World Telecommunication Day every year. This Day has been identified by the Tunis phase of the World Summit on the Information Society as “World Information Society Day”, since 2006.

Moreover, to celebrate World Telecommunication Day is meant to enhance public awareness about the benefits of communication technology. Make information and communication more accessible to people residing in under-developed regions. Increase the global reach of technology across all nations and socio-economic strata.

But who will raise the importance of communication in those areas that are situated at remote locality from the well-known/cared cities? Even the people of these areas have been deprived of electricity, reliable education system, better construction of fluvial schemes, and also unaware to meet nice with their basic daily needs and wants and unfortunately & finally a lack of better communication environment still exists among them.

In addition, the need of telecommunication emphasizes people to communicate deliberately with different layered entities because without a good communication environment people are completely zilch, even to their lovely relationships. Surely, every person needs to have been networked with a person, regions, cities, and particularly compels himself to be linked with the world as a presentation-layer of networking

In the days of beginning, when people knew the need of communication in their life, the methods of communication were enthusiastically developed to convey message by using sound, symbols, and body language. So, divert formal methods of communication were likely meant to adopt by people fantastically and are still continued till today, while logically programmed to robots to show positive appearance to people and customers at the time of mutual conversation and providing services right in the way of algorithm. Because technology is a key of success and plays a vital role in all sectors of life and has also glued the art of becoming a boon companion for all.

Though telecommunication engineers are butter and bread in constructing the communication circuit and make it ready to function which is designed to connect people from far and wide and here & there. And these telecommunication engineers/analysts in foreign offices/embassies would surely play a major role in strengthening the international relations & international communication and managing it sustainable for a longer period of time.

It means, a better communication environment produces love, care, success, prosperity, a boon companion, and also kneels down the knees of anti-social activists along with their activities, poverty, hate, and also disapproves unsustainable go round initiatives.

So, taking place of technology for particular segment in response to the use of free   communication environment has made a secured-cobweb-canvas to suss out to handcuff the cyber criminals as well as hackers.

The International Telecommunication Union was formed following the increasing demand for domain names among internet users all over the world. The function of the International Telecommunication Union is to co-ordinate global telecom networks and services with governments and the private sector. The ITU also sets international regulations and treaties to facilitate international communication. It works towards development of telecommunication systems in developing nations. Though it ITU was founded in Paris, its present head-quarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland and it becomes a special agency of United Nations in 1947.

Certainly, some social problems of our society like honor-killing, ill-health conditions, low-literacy rate, poor economic conditions, carelessness, and the state of unreliable community relations in some people and communities can surely be eliminated completely, if people urge themselves to follow the lessons and teachings of making and managing better communication environment by acquiring its rules of permission to speak and regulations of prohibition to sit mute in some life’s related circumstances.

The pioneers of good communication environment should be appreciated at global level and its runners (communication experts/professional) must also be honored by higher authorities in their own professional circles.

And learners should also be taught the rules and regulations for creating better communication environment in different entities successfully by studying telecommunication theories and its applications. .

While those institutions authorities like International Telecommunication Union (ITU), who are working for the betterment & progress of international communication, must take energetic step forward to redesign these institutions into a modern better learning environment by installing technological instruments and equipment, which will help bring generations towards educational and professional prosperity.

And for putting a smile on the nation’s face ‘language laboratories’ should be built district-wise in Pakistan with the material support of well-heeled people, industrialists, oil & gas companies, and sound business communities including International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

In my opinion, telecom companies must come forward to shake friendly hand with those international welfare organisations who are currently working in or over one hundred countries should spread awareness about better telecommunication environment and its environment-friendly use with the help of local NGOs by arranging weekly lectures in schools, collages, and universities to defeat a lack of communication through giving it death by hiring the qualified services of communication experts/professionals and telecommunication engineers and should run small grant projects regarding the betterment of couple of communication and telecommunication and must put it in the stack of global environment facility program with the coordination of the government.