In the 3rd world countries like Pakistan robotic technology is at the juvenile stage but still, you will be amazed to find out that there is a hotel in northeastern Multan city where rather than human robots work as waiters and serve food.

In Punjab around 500km from Lahore in the busy street of Multan northeastern city is a pizza restaurant has this robotic waiter service that is first of its kind in the region of the South Asian Muslim country.

The mastermind behind introducing this innovative catering in Pakistan is Usama Aziz, the son of the restaurant owner who is 24 years old. He has plans to for taking this to a bigger scale.

After graduating from reputable the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad Aziz has decided to use his skills in an exclusive way.

“I was determined to complete my studies from abroad in 2015 but my father discouraged my idea and motivate me to be in Pakistan”, Aziz told Anadolu Agency.

He furthered asserted that after watching a movie based on robot waiters I have decided to boost my father’s business by introducing the robot waiters.

Aziz has managed his work through hard work of 8 months and developed the robots that weigh about 25kg and successfully tested.

“This completely local product developed through local tools and I have never been abroad neither for studies and nor for any type of training. I am planning for the bigger scale too. I am likewise offering my services to other restaurants who want these robot waiters”, Aziz claimed.

Aziz said that it cost him $5,500 (Rs 600,000) for developing 3 robots that are working as waiters in his restaurants. He and his father have plans to set up new branches of their restaurants in other cities with robot waiters.

He added that their sales have been doubled in March after the introduction of the 1st robot and two more in June.

“Children are among half of our customers that enjoy watching robot waiters serving their orders,” Usama said in a lighter vein.