The current monsoon spells of rain in the last one month have triggered different accidents in which at least 105 were killed and 140 injured in across Pakistan the last one month, officials said. “Across Pakistan, almost 286 houses were damaged due to the heavy rain spells that are lashing the country from previous month”, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) statement.

The gushing water of the monsoon rain hit worst in eastern Punjab having killed 31 and injured 83 and 34 house destructions. Meanwhile, in KP province 19 people were killed and in southwestern Balochistan province 26, in northwest tribal area 16, in southern Sindh province 6, in disputed Kashmir area 4 and 3 in Islamabad.

Thousands made homeless and living under open skies due to rushing water from rivers, drainages, and other water resources. Numerous rescue and relief operations are under the responsibility of teams of the NDMA and provincial governments in all the affected areas.

The monstrous monsoon season showed itself in Pakistan in June and ends in the first week of September every year. The country is faced with flood in various areas due to heavy rainfalls during the monsoon.

In 2010, Pakistan has faced the worst and damaging flood in KP, Punjab, and Sindh that had swept 20% lands, killed 1,540, injured 2,088 and 557,226 houses destructed in that flood according to the report of UN. During the flood, around 6 million people had been redeployed from native land. The Meteorological Department of Pakistan has predicted more rain spells over next 24 hours especially in isolated areas.