ISLAMABAD – A memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Technology Times and Dr. Syed Javaid Khurshid for cooperation on AppIdea2R 17 contest- System Apps based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This MoU was signed for cooperation and commercialization of Appidea2R contest. The purpose of this agreement is to commercialize the Apps developed through the contest to ECO member states or any other government, institution, company or organization.

Dr. Syed Javaid Khurshid accepted this position of EVP Commercialization – AppIdea2R on complementary basis to promote the research and developmental efforts of young entrepreneurs. Speaking at this signing ceremony Dr. Javaid said that young entrepreneurs needs a platform for the implementation of their ideas.

Syed Paras Ali praised the efforts of Dr. Javaid and said this this will benefit the whole contest of AppIdea2R.

The AppIdear2R Contest will provide separate platform for ECO region University students who can generate ideas or have app developing skills to use their ideas and technological knowledge, their ingenuity and their creativity to come up with an original System App that can be use every day. The goal of this Contest is to provide an engaging and empowering learning experience to increase student interest and knowledge in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).