In order to offer facilities for higher education to the students of Central Asian states, the arrangements to establish University of Central Asia and Pakistan (UCAP) has finalized by HEC as per federal government’s plan.

The total amount needed to complete is Rs 2.84 billion, where the Rs 600 billion already was allocated in annual budget of2016-17 said, officials.

The basic structure of the university will be established by Rs 500 million allocated in the current year, sources said.

UCAP University will temporarily commence its classes in September 2018 in the building of COMSAT Institute. Allocation of land for the project will be determined by HEC in August 2017.

Under the policy of the government, UCAP University will be established in Islamabad for the promotion of social and economic development and international peace in the region and cultural exchange.

The sources also further stated that this step of government makes Pakistan a hub of knowledge and civilization. It will also encourage and strengthen cooperation among the South and Central Asian countries. Schools of Business and Leadership programmes will be started initially.

The induction process of faculty and other staff of the university is started in order to complete the process of finalizing the courses, admissions, and other projects. The induction of head of the university and faculty members is opened for all countries and satisfying the criteria would be eligible to apply.

The allotment of land and the arrangement of an essential structure for the foundation of the college was the obligation of the Pakistani government while the Central Asian states can partake in operational cost, directly or by giving grants to their understudies.