A young engineer from Pakistan has received the award of “Engineer of the Year” for his superb work for the energy sector. He has been granted for outclassing colleagues from across the UK and Europe.

Hamza Haroon was shortlisted with 3 final candidates and then nominated for award ‘Engineer of the Year’ awards category with candidates from across the UK. This award from The Energy UK Young Energy Professionals Awards shows the talent of young engineer across the UK annually every year. This happens with bringing together some brightest and best talent of the field for recognition of an exceptionally outperforming individual.

Hamza Haroon said while talking to media that this award has honored and humbled. Even more special is that being only Pakistani to receive this award. This award clearly testifies the talent and potential have. He was awarded this honor because of his outclass work for a project of the company, with his role as STEM Ambassador that is Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

He is working actively as STEM Ambassador and also as a mentor to mentors students and engineering graduates. At present, he is working at two nuclear power plants as a Lead Control & Instrumentation Engineer for Gas Turbine Control Systems

Hamza Haroon has done his A levels from Lahore Grammar School and after completion of his GCSEs, he relocated to the UK in 2008. In 2012, he received the 1st Class Honors award in Electronic Engineering in Electronic Engineering. He joined his employer immediately after graduation.

Hamza Haroon’s parents that is his father Muhammad Haroon Siddiqui and his mother Tamseela Haroon for attending this special event flew from Lahore to the UK. They were very proud of the accomplishment of his son. This award won by their son will portray the positive image of Pakistan and lives of Pakistanis. They further said that Pakistan’s youth is full of potential and talent, only needs a platform for proving themselves.