The US government is helping mango farmers of Pakistan to access new markets, stated a US embassy.

For International Development of “Mango Gala”, Jerry Bisson the USAID Mission Director and Dr. Yusuf Zafar the Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council supported 13 mango farmers to collect mango graders value $750,000 by the US Agency that will enhance production and export of Pakistanis mangoes.

“The US government via USAID will help Pakistan to access new markets especially for mangoes and ensures that all with international grading standards and export protocols. We want mangoes f Pakistan to be competitive as they can in international market”, said Bisson while speaking on the occasion.

“We are having confidence that this partnership will upgrade infrastructure, innovate technologies and opportunities of the market will hike exports in high-end markets with greater revenues for Pakistani mango farmers and exporters”, he added.

The event was held to aware people about the Pakistani mango sector, Nepalese Ambassador Sewa Lamsal Adhikari also attended this event.

Dr. Yusuf Zafar appreciated this plentiful contribution from the US in support of Pakistan’s agriculture industry.

The US-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development in 2015 launched by USAID to enhance competitiveness in commercial agriculture and livestock sectors of Pakistan in both international and national markets for meat, high-value and off-season vegetables, mangoes, and citrus.

The embassy indicated that this partnership has worked as a developmental catalyst and promoted farmers, processors, exporters, and buyers of agriculture of Pakistan with enhanced investment in the sector.

USAID has offered 13 latest automated mango graders that will be used the first time in Pakistan for grading mango quality for export in 2017 under the project of USAID.

USAID is supporting Pakistan since 2009, especially the mango growers for meeting standard export protocols for the expansion of Pakistan’s mango market. To lift sales of mangoes USAID and Govt. of Pakistan is working with the private sector.