Capital Development Authority (CDA) shown its incompetence and apathy after being failed to launch a proper garbage dumping site in Islamabad. The city is currently in desperate need of a site for disposing of tons of garbage accumulated by almost 2 million people on a regular basis.

The administration of the city completely neglected to give a mechanism for waste collection and cleanliness system of the capital city.

The both CDA and MCI badly unsuccessful in resolving project and seems that authorities are at an indeterminate state with this issue after the objection from Environment Protection Agency (EPA) on their temporary fix as a garbage dumping site in Islamabad.

The civic agency does not want the citizens to litter around and dump rubbish, but paradoxically, CDA authorities are ignorant to own their responsibilities. As the authorities are not able to give a system for waste lifting and dumping site he litter is everywhere in Islamabad.

Shahzad Ahmed, a citizen of Islamabad said that CDA has provided a temporary dumping site but that has polluted the environment rather than solving the problem.  Garbage heaps are the serious threat to the capital.

Residents around Bari Imam complained that they are faced with not deterring sight and smell of garbage dumps but hurdles in riverbed over which garbage is suffusing.

Residents of Bani Gala made complaints as well. The picturesque environment of the rural area is under threat of a solid waste management, said Aftab Rana.

Littering in Islamabad is a crime under clause 5(29) of CDA Environment Protection Regulation 2008 and violators can be fined from Rs 50 to Rs 300 on the spot, he said that he was unaware and does not know of another option.

Mazhar Hussain, CDA Spokesperson said that the identification of land as a garbage dumping site is in the process with the reflection of associated facilities like recycling.

Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation Chief Asad Kiani was not accessible for a comment.