France has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pakistan to extend the bilateral scientific cooperation especially in the field of meteorology.

Ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin-ul-Haque and Chief Executive Officer of Meteor France Jean-Marc Lacave has signed MoU, a press release said. The ceremony was held in Paris and Meteo France President Patrick Benichou, Meteo France International Relation Director Bernard Strauss and Head of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of France in Pakistan Andre de Bussy has witnessed this agreement.

Both the countries due to the agreement would work together for improvement in weather forecasting system in Pakistan, capacity building in the field of early warning and weather services for the protecting human life, property and the environment, with a major focus on the application of a heat wave early warning system.

The MoU foresees the designing and implementation of a special project to develop Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) ’s sectoral meteorological and climate services including the Early Warning System.

Under this project, cooperation in the areas of applications of the science of meteorology to socioeconomic development, with a unique focus on the wind and solar power potential assessment including the establishment of a National Climate Center would also be covered.

Moin said both countries take benefit from each other’s expertise by sharing information, exchange scientific and technical personnel and by transferring knowledge, joint studies and research of mutual interest.