Olive oil is enriched with health cures that are matchless and every day research unveiled more benefits. It is the beginning to understand the numerous facts of olive oil and its way to affect the human health and their lives. Mediterranean diet comprises on olive oil that is the nutritional counterpart of longest live span culture in the world. This diet acknowledged the health boosting effects of olive oil. Innumerable diseases and hostage effects of aging is associated with the use of fats and butter, it only can be perverted by substituting it with olive oil. Many cardiologists acclaim the daily use of olive oil for the extension of the life span and minimum recommended dosage should be more than two tablespoons per day. Olive oil is believed to be extra beneficial than to use just as cooking oil.

Nutrient Composition of Olive Oil

Olive oil is nutritionally rich; it contains priceless fatty acids (having nutraceutical importance) and vitamins like K and E. The nutritional profile of the olive oil per hundred gram serving contains.


Saturated fatty acids13.7%
Monounsaturated fatty acid70-75%
Vitamin K70-75%
Vitamin E72%


The nutritionally active ingredients like antioxidants like oleocanthal and asoleuropein that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Few critics argue about the harmful side of olive oil due to the presence of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids but it should be clear that the amount of polysaccharides is very low that cannot cause any harm.


Olive oil is proved to be the functional ingredient/diet to eradicate breast cancer by the impersonating effect of oleocanthal and ibuprofen to the cancer cells. It perverts the swelling of breast cells and their reappearance. Different other components are research lines to investigate for their anti-cancerous affects i.e. lignans, squalene. Asian and western countries are the chief victim of breast cancer. It is associated with intake of fatty foods. One potential contributor to cancer is oxidative damage due to free radicals, but extra virgin olive oil is high in antioxidants that reduce oxidative damage. The oleic acid in olive oil is also highly resistant to oxidation and has been shown to have beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer. Many studies in test tubes have shown that compounds in olive oil can help fight cancer at the molecular level.  Whether olive oil actually helps prevent cancer has yet to be studied in human controlled trials. Bioactive compounds i.e. antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids prevent the breast tumors. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid present in olive oil and contains several bioactive compounds such as antioxidants. Coronary and other health problems are perverted by increasing olive oil content in diet.

Heart Disease

Level of triglycerides, blood cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol is lowered by the use of olive oil. Olive oil plays a preventive and protective role against the fatty acid patches formation and it does not change the cholesterol level in blood. Meanwhile it promotes the abolition of low density lipoproteins in blood.


Oxidative Stress

Anti-oxidation activity of oils is believed to prevent or lessen down the risk of cancer due to the presence of vitamins such as fat soluble vitamin E, olive oil is also enriched with this vitamin thus helps to prevent cancer. Another interesting feature of this oil is its property that it does not undergo oxidation in the body due to the fact that it contains highest amount of monounsaturated fatty acids and less amount of polyunsaturated fatty acid that breakdown in to simpler fats.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) is decreased by the continuous consumption of the olive oil   as per indication of recent research.

Obesity/ Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Osteoporosis

Obesity is especially attached with the higher consumption of fats and caloric rich foods. It can be lessen down by replacing fat with olive oil.  Rheumatoid arthritis is associated with the old age people but current research has proven that olive oil enriched diet helps to reduce the chances of arthritis. Calcification and mineralization of bones is proven to be enhanced by the regular use of olive oil. It its use improves calcium absorption and avoiding the commencement of disease.


Diabetes is prevented by the use of olive oil and other diet with less saturated fats, high amount of carbohydrates, soluble fiber of vegetables, fruits and pulses.  Olive oil controls the sugar level of blood and improves the insulin sensitivity by lowering the lipoprotein.  Diabetes and heart patients are advised to take diet low in fat to prevent these disorders. The chance of occurrence of these diseases can be increase due to the consumption of foods with high fat content. The consumption of olive oil provides the same amount of fat with safer side due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acid in place of saturated ones and besides all these it prevents from different diseases. It is also reported by Scientific Journal of Diabetes Care that in comparison with the diet low in fat olive oil reduces 50% chances of diabetes type II.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the world’s most common neurodegenerative disease and a leading cause of dementia. One feature of Alzheimer’s is a buildup of protein tangles called beta amyloid plaques, in certain neurons in the brain. A study in mice showed that a substance in olive oil can help to clear these plaques from the brain. A human controlled trial showed that a mediterranean diet enriched with olive oil had favorable effects on brain function and reduced the risk of cognitive impairment. Chemical Neuroscience journal reported that aging and Alzheimer’s disease can be reduced by the olive oil component oleocanthal. Polyphenols that are antioxidant present in olive oil prevents the oxidation during aging.

Anti-Inflammatory Substances

Inflammation is the derivative of different diseases such as cancer, syndromes, Alzheimer, heart diseases and diabetes. Olive oil is believed to be curative agent against different diseases. It also has been found to be effective against inflammation. Oleic acid reduces the inflammation. Current researches also indicated towards the presence of oleocanthal in olive oil.  It also showed similar effects as ibuprofen dosage for pain relief. Genetic expression of inflammation causing genes can be mediated using olive oil.


It is very obvious that the consumption of more amount of olive oil will result in number of health benefits like help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, prevent cancer. The prime function of olive oil is to lower the risk of heart diseases. The proper dissemination of knowledge may help to increase its production and consumption.

Dr. Muhammad Saeed and Muhammad Azam

University of Agriculture Faisalabad

By Web Team

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