Organizations that neglected to refresh Microsoft Windows-based computer systems did not update because hit by monstrous cyber-attack on weekend. They will be sued for careless and slack cyber security, however, assures itself and appreciates protection from lawsuits, said the legal experts.

Around the world, about 200,000 Windows computers or more are influenced by WannaCry worm. This has affected car factories Global shipper FedEx Corp and Britain’s National Health Service, and others. The system was silently hacked to shut them down for data encryption and demanded $300 to unlock the system as ransom.

“Computers affected by this “ransomware” because the system was installed with or running Windows XP that is no longer supported by company “, reported Microsoft (MSFT.O).

“Use of outdated versions of Windows has raised too many questions. It seems to be intentional negligence for the system to be in place”, said Christopher Dore, a lawyer specializing in digital privacy law at Edelson PC.

“This ransom attack leads to liability to individuals, consumers, and patients”, Edward McAndrew said who is a data privacy lawyer at Ballard Spahr.

The companies suffered as they have not updated the system or relying on older versions of window face the legal claim only if they advertised their cyber security. LinkedIn was sued for a data breach in 2012 because of the companies said to have a quality cyber security and settled for 1.25 million dollars in 2014.

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