Pakistan is a country full of talented and young minds trying to contribute in science and technology for country’s better future. If given opportunities the brilliant youth of Pakistan can do wonders. Such brilliant student of Lahore, Azeem Iqbal has created a mobile application called the Time Study that aims to bring ease in conducting Time and Methods study which is a key vital element helping the textile sector of Pakistan cut its costs and improve its productivity and efficiency. This application is a product of his startup company called “Smart Factory” which aims to bring the fourth industrial revolution termed asIndustry 4.0 to Pakistani small and medium enterprises.

Time Study is a business efficiency technique that was coherently formulated by Frederick Taylor with the work of Frank and Gilbreth It is a major part of scientific management and is a widely accepted method applicable to the improvement and upgrading of work and labor systems. Through Time Study app engineers can now simply download a low-cost mobile application and use their handheld smartphones to take timing data and send it in the form of a complete report to their production planning department for further analysis. Conventionally, they would use a handheld stopwatch and a piece of paper to manually take timing data on printed sheets of paper and then spend the whole day transferring that data to their computer systems. With Time Stuy App they can now easily transfer their daily timing sheets in the form of complete reports to their systems where they can edit it and perform further analysis.

The name of this brilliant student is Muhammad Azeem Iqbal who is a young graduate in industrial engineering, currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Management and Technology Lahore. He believes that Pakistani industries severely lack in the world markets due to the poor quality of products, high defect rates and high lead times. The companies today around the globe are heavily competing in continuous improvement and rely on modern low-cost technological solutions to upgrade their systems and processes to cut costs, improve productivity and efficiency of their various operations.

Azeem told that his Time Study App is a small initiative towards building industrial internet of things products that are going to revolutionize Pakistani industries. These are products that harness the power of Internet of Things to connect an industry’s machines and systems to the internet allowing real-time data communication and reporting building graphs and charts that empower business executives in making better business decisions about their organizations.

Azeem is a self-taught individual who is investing heavily in his ideas. Currently, he works at the Physics Laboratory of Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering LUMS, teaching Experimental Physics and participating in research and lab development activities. He has invested heavily his time and money in education and understands the importance of how rapidly developing modern technologies are going to change the spectrum of business in the upcoming years. Currently, he is also running an online e-commerce store named “SkinPro” which sells skin care products. His father, a homeopathic dermatologist benefits from his store by recommending his patients to buy quality skin care products online which are then easily delivered to their homes. The idea has especially benefited housewives and female students living in hostels. His younger brother Muhammad Zeeshan Iqbal currently a student of Bachelors in Business Administration at the National College of Business currently operates the e-commerce store and is aiming to compete in upcoming startup competitions.

The youth of Pakistan is full of amazing minds and ideas. But due to lack of government or any incubator support, Azeem has so far tread his journey all alone with the help of a handful of close friends. He still vows to achieve his dream by embarking on the journey alone but hopes that if proper support and guidance is provided he can immensely contribute to the development of Pakistani industries to emerge as global leaders in the emerging markets.