Authorities from Islamabad started an investigation to score dead fish in Rawal lake seen after the monsoon rain in this week. An official of the department recommended running test for water toxicity of Rawal lake in an inter departmental letter.

A laboratory test of Rawal lake water show it fit for human drinking, an official told Associated media.

Tested sample of Rawal Lake was fine for human drinking purpose said, by a top administrative official in the capital city Mushtaq Ahmed

Ahmad also added that main source of water in Rawalpindi and Islamabad gets water supply to from Simly and Khanpur dams near Islamabad.

“After complaints from capital’s Fisheries Department the water sample and dead fish were sent to the forensic department for testing”, said Police officer Imran Haider.

In Secretariat Police Station, a FIR is filed against the “local mafia residing in [the] surrounding of Rawal Lake “accused of poison dumping in the lake.

Several FIRs recorded in police department against accused mafia for illegal fishing and boating in Rawal Dam stated in the application. In an operation against the mafia, police have confiscated 20 boats and arrested 5 people.

The mafia has threatened department and contractor to contaminate water to risk public and fish followed by operation. The application has attached earlier FIR chemical test report with it.

Residents claimed garbage trucks dumping waste into the lake the night. However, authorities suspected contamination nature chemical.

No alert has been issued by the Police and the fisheries department yet about the situation.