GISPP (Global Information Security Association of Pakistani Professionals) was initiated by a group of Pakistani Information Security professional living and working in Saudi Arabia. It started with a small WhatsApp group founded on November 5,2013 by Shahzad Subhani however it got a real boost in 2016 when a large number of professionals joined this group .The group has active presence on WhatsApp ,Facebook ,Linkedin as well as Telegram .The Initial WhatsApp group which started with 30 members has now reached the official limit of 256 and is operational 24 x 7 as its members belong to different time zones and many key discussion keep going on . We have also taken many initiatives which include launching of a Google group as well as a website Cert.PK in order to create knowledge repository for different ongoing cyber threats. We also started Member of the week Program where we publish information about our GISPP member on our official channels.


Vision Statement


To be a leading cyber security platform to make Pakistan and the world a safe cyber space and earn good reputation for Pakistani Professionals worldwide


Some of the Key Group Objectives are mentioned below.


  1. Engaging and educating the next generation by developing a knowledge seeking culture among our members
  2. Providing multistakeholder forum for the exchange of views and experiences on Information Security.
  3. Engaging in a wide range of educational initiatives related to Information Security.
  4. Promoting the expansion of Information Security Industry at all levels of the community.
  5. Providing forum for professional networking and knowledge sharing.
  6. Bridging gap between local and international Initiatives & communities.
  7. Promoting the indigenous development in Information Security.
  8. Advising and influencing policy makers for the interest of community at large.

In order to achieve Global outreach, GISPP has taken another step to initiate local meetups by for Infosec professionals worldwide.

Riyadh meetup already took place on 12th of May, 2017 and was attended by 27 people. Relevant news for this can be seen on our facebook group. As of now, meetups have been planned for Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Eastern Province KSA, Oman, UAE and Europe.

Agenda of the Meetup

  • History and Introduction of GISPP
  • Introduction by All Members and necessary data collection
  • Members feedback/Suggestion
    • Initiatives that we (local chapter/local community) should take to make our cyber space Secure
    • How GISPP can add value to members?
    • Should we collaborate with other national and international groups?

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