Sindh Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) sealed 17 factories for violation of environmental laws. Among those 17 factories, the 7 are in Karachi

“The one who violates the law and found polluting or damaging Sindh economy will be punished,” said Director General Baqaullah Unnar of SEPA.

SEPA DG Unnar taken charge 2 1/2 months ago said that in a week or notices will be served to defaulter factories. He has added that already 27 cases have been set up under Pakistan Environmental Protection Act (Pepa) 1997 were served to Sindh Environmental Tribunal for hearing.

SEPA has revived its pollution testing lab that was nonfunctional from last 7 years. The agency is now operational for waste water treatment from industries and acted against violators.

Despite all the actions from SEPA, environment experts are of the view that factories not following with the environmental laws because they do not care for degradation or damage to the environment.

Environmental experts were of the view that SEPA comes in action only when Supreme Court of Pakistan took environment cases. On other government, the body is capable of punishing polluters especially the powerful factory owners that are ruining both human and marine life of the Arabian sea. Unfortunately, least important is the environment ministry for Sindh government. Former DG SEPA Naeem Ahmed Mughal before he left from his job he issued 300 notices and sealed about dozen factories.

“SEPA will act against those factories if found violators of the law”, said Unnar answering question that is he considers the earlier notice issued from SEPA.

Due environment concern when SEPA sealed the leading factories they come up with protest and threat to Sind government to close factories.

SEPA has issued notices along with a suggestion to have effluent treatment plants for waste water treatment. Most industries ignored it but few have installed the plant and gave undertakings for environment protection.

Industrialists from Karachi demanded five joint effluent treatment plants as per government promise rather than sealing them. A survey done in 3,2016 revealed that the plant costs about Rs11.4 billion.

Environmental degradation is causing a loss of Rs359 billion per year according to 2006 survey report. Recent studies have shown over $1 billion annually lost due to pollution from vehicles and factories.