Pakistan is among most water stressed countries and at the edge of being on the list as a water scarce country of the world. Reduced water availability can shamble the diffident growth of the economy and is an existent threat to Pakistan.

Specialists said that Pakistan loses $14 billion when flood water is discharged into the sea every year as Pakistan has no dams to store this water. This is quite ridiculous that a country is reliable on 90% of water resources for developing agriculture and depends upon the territory to stay strong. Knowingly we have not taken any initiative to build new dams more foolish.

The current storage capacity of the water is 30 days while experts recommend that climate of the country demands its storage for 1000 days maximum. In the rural areas, 10 percent population is living their life without water.

Demand for water availability per person is increasing with population blast and this gap between demand and supply will widen with the passage of time. This day by day widening gap will ignite both provincial and regional conflicts.

The part played by regional government is exasperating water misfortunes due to a dynamic relationship with India decides the stream in the western river since and now. This has suggestions for inward legislative issues versus appropriation of water inside the regions.

A comprehensive water management plan must be drafted by consent of the federal and provincial governments.

They have to choose either to fight over economic allocations and locations of dams or fight together to survive in

They can either fight over the location of dams and economic allocation now or fight with each other for mere physical survival in the times to come.

At the least, the state should make it its responsibility to inculcate water sense among citizens to avoid wastage.