Climate change is threatening the food security of Pakistan indirectly by affecting the agriculture output environmentalists said. Experts have also said that climate change will disrupt the poor agricultural communities.

“Awareness about the effects of climate change are extremely important for the farming community of Pakistan”, said Muhammad Saleem Shaikh Deputy Director Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC).

He said that the Ministry has given directions to combat the graver effects of the climate change especially agriculture and livestock. He added that agriculture is the backbone of the economy of the country that contributes 21 percent GDP and employing about 45 percent of the country.

Kashif Salik, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) environmental expert are of the view that gradually increasing temperatures are a serious threat to our country as it is hazarding the sustainable food security and meet food consumption goals unachievable.

The growth of agriculture and its products are dependent on environmental temperature, the rising temperature because of climate change can damage and affect the growth of agriculture, food, and fodder he emphasized that action in this term is needed immediately.

Before cultivation check whether the crop is suitable for that climate to have a better yield of the crop, Dr. Ijaz said, Former senior director of World Wide Fund for Conservation of Nature (WWF).

Pakistan is hopeful to have aid from UNDP for making institutes under the Climate Change Act.

He added while speaking that farmers of the climate change prone areas were convinced to use new agricultural techniques. He also stated that biotechnological innovation can allow farmers to grow crops and seeds that can absorb carbon.

Mehmood Khalid Qamar the prominent environmentalist said that deforestation and massive deforestation is the root cause behind these climate changes. He urged the government follow the footsteps of KP -P’s ‘billion trees tsunami’ campaign to reforestation.