Nestle Pakistan has revealed that they want to invest on the development of farming in order to expand its business in the agriculture sector.

“I am unable to tell the exact amount the company is investing at the moment but I can assure that the investment is in millions”, said Ali Ashar Syed, corporate manager external and creating shared value (CSV) corporate affairs, while talking to media on his visit to Mango Research Institute Multan (MRI) recently.

“Nestle Pakistan collaborated with MRI and collectively they will focus on creating awareness in local farmers to help them in growing several new varieties by using latest technology of time”, said Syed

Syed added while briefing media about the project that it has two phases. In the first phase yield of mangoes will be improved to 8 selected farms by providing new technology to farmers while in the second this will be extended to 17 farms. He added that project to improve mango production will not only benefit country will also provide quality pulp to company Fruita Vitals for its productions.

“The project has been started in collaboration with Nestle Pakistan to increase mango yield by providing help to local farmers for practicing latest techniques of agriculture”, said Dr. Abdul Hameed Ullah, director of MRI.

Hameed Ullah said that Institute has developed a new system for pruning that can surely be helpful for getting better fruits. The institution has also developed an SMS service for educating farmers with advisories that will educate them about damaging effects of intense weather conditions.

He further explained that the intense weather can damage crops. MRI has conducted a survey in South Punjab’s mango belt and found feverish temperature along with dust storms can severely damage mango crops. He briefed media about newly launched varieties of Chaunsa mango because of unique aroma and taste that can earn money for farmers and foreign exchange for the country. We are continuously working and are confident to achieve the target.

Media persons were also briefed about the ongoing research of Institute and delegation was taken for a visit to local mango farms for briefing them about attest technology used in farms.

Malik Haji Allah Buksh, owner of Jutt Sandayla Farm thanked Nestle for awareness about latest farming techniques that have multiplied his earning.

Pakistan being sixth largest mango producing country has major markets for Pakistani mango include the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Amman, France, Afghanistan, Germany, Bahrain and the UK.