China supporting Pakistan to build a wind power plant at Southern port Karachi. HydroChina Investment Corporation has invested $115 million in the plant. Another plant that is Dawood wind power plant can generate about 130 million kw/h electricity in a year fulfilling the needs of approximately 100,000 families in locality situated at 60 kilometers east of Karachi.

The capacity of the power plant is 49.5 MW. Construction started in April and completed in June 2016 while operated after 3 months of completion told Jiang Li, secretary of the corporation to media. The project is capable of operation for next 20 years and all investment will be regained after the operation of 8 years said Yang Zhiyao, Manager of the Dawood Power Plant Project. He further said that construction of wind power plant is fast therefore effective in combating power shortage. China Three Gorges Corporation has funded a wind power plant in Pakistan that is operating and producing 1 million + kW/h of electricity. Chinese state-owned renewable energy giant working for 20 hours in a day and generates 93-million kW/h of electricity. Pakistan’s first China funded wind power plants hold a capacity of 49.5 MW is a work of CPEC.

Many deals have been signed between China and Pakistan to take out Pakistan from economic inactivity and enhance its growth. China is also assisting Pakistan to build 2 nuclear power reactors at with power capacity of 1100 MWs at Karachi with an investment of 6.5 billion US dollars.

Earlier China has helped Pakistan in building two 300 MW capacity and two 320 MW capacity nuclear power plant. China is also financing 900 MW solar power project in Bahawalpur as a part of USD 46 billion China-Pak Corridor finalized this year during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan.