The inauguration ceremony of ‘US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Study in Water (USPCAS-W)’ held at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) Jamshoro. Sindh Education Minister Jam Methab Hussain Dehar along with (USAID) Mission Director Jerry Bisson and Deputy Mission Director Denise Herbal attended the ceremony.

“USPCAS-W a vision turned to reality and beginning of new era of development. The Center will achieve its objective to become water leader with the help of value-added dimensions to become the world class Water Center and Center of Excellence for technically qualified staff and sustainability”, said the minister while speaking to the inauguration ceremony.

He admired the American people and US Agency for International Development (USAID) for financing the project and thanked the University of Utah for providing technical support.

He added by congratulating the VC Mehran University and Project Director of the Center and admired the building of the center. He pertained that water challenges are multi-dimensional and faced and these latest methodology and technologies help water preservation.

The challenges besides shortage of clean drinking water that country is facing are an inefficient use of water resources, low water productivity, mining of ground water including salt water, and water storage structures are key issues. He said, therefore, water development can overall effect the economy of Pakistan. For this resolution, the country requires researchers, development of professionals and civil society groups policy makers, and stakeholders to join hands and develop on critical water issues.


The center is focusing water problems especially the Sustainable Development Goals, which is a key goal toward sustainable water development. The center is giving key importance to the monstrousness of water crisis Pakistan is facing.

“Center is the flagship of Pakistan Water Development Report (PWDR), MUET Clean Water Project (MUET CWP) and Indus River Basin Model: Decision Support System. They provide a framework for planning and resolving water issues and serves as the hub of technology testing development of water-related technologies,” he added.


“Sindh Government has taken the initiative to introduce a mechanism to ensure water utilization. The Provincial Planning and Development Department has established SDG Unit already to serve the purpose. The unit is coordinating monitoring and implementations of SDGs at the provincial level and national level” he informed.

He added while informing that Sindh Water Sector Improvement Project (WSIP) a part of the Planning and Development Department involved in water improvement, overcome water scarcity and IWRM plans for implementation. The minister said that Clean Water Project of Mehran University is part of many other initiatives and project that are working on safe drinking water and sanitation.

He said I am hoping this Water Center at the Mehran University play a crucial role in advocacy and providing analysis to come up sustainable solutions for water problems.

Mission Director Jerry Bisson (US AID) and Deputy Mission Director Denise Herbal, Vice Chancellor Mehran University Dr. Muhammad Aslam Uqaili and former Vice Chancellor Prof. S.M. Qureshi spoke to the participants of the inauguration ceremony.